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If you have a Mac, you have the option of using Time Machine to backup the contents of your laptop on your CITA disk space. There are a few steps to get it working but once it is set up, Time Machine will quietly backup your laptop while you are working on the CITA wireless network. NOTE: this service is only available to profs and postdocs.

Follow these steps:

1. Request a Time Machine folder by sending a message to

2. After you're set up, make sure you're connected to the CITA network (wired or wireless) and open the Finder. Connect to your folder by typing Command-K and entering afp:// as your server address. A dialog will ask you to authenticate. Use your CITA username and password. An empty folder should now be mounted with a name something like: raid-cita-yourname-TM

3. Open Time Machine preferences and add a new disk. The above folder should be one of the options so select it. This folder will now be used as to store one of your Time Machine volumes and will work when you're connected to the CITA network.

The first backup will take the better part of a day if not longer. Don't worry if it doesn't finish before you head home though - it will pick up where it left off when you reconnect the following day. After you have the completed the first backup, it will backup hourly and incrementally while you're connected to the CITA network. Make sure to check that it is working buy entering the Time Machine check your backups.

4. Recovery. If you need to recover from a catastrophe like a major hardware failure or a stolen laptop, we can transfer your file Time Machine volume to a USB external disk which you can use to migrate your setup to another laptop or just retrieve your files.


If you wish to backup to your CITA Time Machine volume from anywhere and anytime, you will need to connect through the CITA VPN. For step 2 above, then connect to the folder afp://afp-export instead and follow the same instructions. With this setup, you will backup to Time Machine anytime the CITA VPN is running. WARNING: this can eat up your home internet allocation so if you have a limited bandwidth plan then watch out!