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CITA has a network of 60 workstations running Linux (currently Fedora 13 and 14). Our computers are traditionally named after Canadian wildlife. CITA is a subdomain of the University of Toronto internet domain: cita.utoronto.ca. All CITA systems will therefore also have qualified internet domain names, such as kodiak.cita.utoronto.ca. From within the CITA domain, they can be referenced by the leftmost component of their domain name (e.g. simply kodiak). CITA machines are only accessible from outside the domain through our firewall gateway machine gw.cita.utoronto.ca

All machines share a common home directory which means you can sit at any workstation or remotely login to any other system and still transparently access all your files and applications. Generally, workstations are intended to be used as desktop/office machines and so are not as powerful as our High Performance Computing (HPC). Nevertheless, they may useful for some computational tasks. You can check the processor speed and memory size of your machine with the commands:

cat /proc/cpuinfo
cat /proc/meminfo

Usage Policy

You can remotely login to any system and use it for computing, but please respect the workstation owner if they are currently logged in and working. As a courtesy, ask for permission from the workstation owner if you can run on their machine first and if permission is granted, always nice your jobs in order to minimize their impact on the person logged onto the console (e.g. nice +19 <myexecutable>&).

Jobs which require large amounts of CPU and/or RAM are better suited on our High Performance Computing (HPC) systems which include the Sunnyvale cluster, prawn and trinity. See the main HPC page for more information.