Teleconference Room Instructions

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Teleconference Room Instructions

The teleconference room is located on the 15th floor - sign out the keys from Liz in the 14th floor front office MP1403 then head up the north stairwell to access it. The room provides two options for setting up a conference call: regular telephone and laptop hookup or connection through a dedicated mac mini using Skype or EVO. Skype and EVO require a few simple steps to set up audio and video devices.

Clearone Control Interface

Various controls such as volume input/output levels, telphone dialer and camera control are provided through a Windows software interface. We’ve put this software on a virtual machine that is accessible through a virtual network connection (VNC).

1. On a Mac, enter vnc:// in your browser or use your favorite VNC client software. On the Mac Mini, you can double-click on the A/V Controls icon on the Desktop.

2. Start the Clearone software Interact.exe (floating over Stone Henge), if it is not already running.

3. Click on CLEARONE-CITA and login with username: clearone password: interact

4. You now have access to a clickable interface for the various system controls.

5. We have optimized the microphone detailed settings so non-experts shouldn’t change these. The interface should be used mainly for adjusting global input/output levels, controlling the dialer remotely or controlling the camera.

Telephone Conference Call - Local Number +1 416 978 6091

1. Make your conference call with the manual dialer on the equipment shelf and start talking.

2. The microphones on the conference table should be be shining green if they are active.

3. Input volume levels for the microphones can be adjusted through the Mixer Console in the Clearone Control software. Adjust the Telephone Tx level.


1. Use the projector remote control to turn on the projector and adjust settings.

2. HDMI1 connects to the Mac mini display (hostname

3. PC connects to the laptop VGA cable.

4. The optimal display resolution is HD 1920x1080 pixels.

5. The projector also has 3D capabilities.

Laptop Hookup

1. Turn on projector with the remote control.

2. Select PC as the input.

3. Plug in the VGA cable into your laptop (with the mini-dvi adapter if required).

4. Check display settings - optimal is HD1080p or 1920x1080 pixels.

5. Insert the iMic USB device for audio input/output.

6. Press the button for “Laptop Sound” on the audio device switch on top of the teleconference equipment shelf.

Laptop Audio/Video Setup

1. On a Mac, enter System Preferences.

2. Select Sound

3. For input, select iMic USB

4. For output, select iMic USB

5. Set volume levels to a mid range level and adjust according to taste after establishing a conference connection.

6. Skype and Evo will automatically detect your laptop camera if you have one.

Mac Mini Quickstart

We also have a dedicated Mac mini that you can use for a conference call.

1. Turn on projector with the remote control.

2. Select HDMI1 as the input.

3. Check display settings - optimal is HD1080p or 1920x1080 pixels (should be set up by default).

4. Press the button for “Mac mini Sound” on the audio device on top of the equipment cupboard.

Mac Mini Audio Setup

This should be set up by default but you made to check the settings.

1. Select System Preferences->Sound

2. For input, select Builtin line-in

3. For output, select Builtin line-out

4. Set volume levels to a mid range level and adjust according to taste after establishing a conference.

Mac Mini Camera Setup

The Mac Mini is connected to an HD Sony camera that works with conference calls running EVO or Skype. The camera is a Pan-Tilt-Zoom device and can be controlled with the Sony remote control or the Clearone Control software.

1. System Preferences -> Blackmagic Design gives access to the camera settings. Normally, these settings should not be changed by non-experts. It is currently set up for full HD resolution.

2. To test if the camera is working, start up Blackmagic Media Express in the Applications folder. Click on View->Log and Capture. You should see the camera view displayed in the upper right of the window.

3. EVO setup. If using video within EVO, you can adjust the video resolution and framerate by clicking on the webcam icon in the upper left of the video session. To transmit in full HD, use these settings:

Device: Intensity Extreme
Resolution: 1920x1080 (HD 1080i 59.94)

4. The camera can be configured to key onto the different microphone positions through voice activation. Check the Camera control settings in the Clearone Control software.

If you have any problems, contact John Dubinski through or 647-203-5715.

Clearone A/V Interface Step by Step

1. Double-click on the A/V Controls icon on the Mac Mini desktop - this will pop up a VNC session into the clearone a/v control software. If the the software isn't running you'll see this:


2. Double-click on the Interact.exe icon to start the software. Now click on CLEARONE-CITA icon onn the upper right to login with username: clearone and password: interact


3. You are no logged and can change the settings. Click on the Record icon to change the gain globally on all mics.


4. Move the slider to control the microphone gain. 8dB seems to be optimal - lower is too quiet - too high will result in clipping


5. If you click on the Mixer Console you can control many settings including Record for microphone gain, Loud Speaker for speaker volume, Telephone Tx for telephone gain as well as the individual gain settings and muting for each mic.