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This page is meant to create a place where cubep3m developers can exchange ideas and tricks. Of special interest is the to-do list.

To Do List

Finish Hybrid IC (Joachim)
Implement 2LPT IC
Implement p3dfft (JD and Joachim)
Set up code to do glass init conditions.
Include matching between pp and PM (see hydra and AP3M…), and turn back to CIC on the fine grid for pp_ext runs (JD). 
Equip cic_power with subgrid folding
Finish testing and optimize the low-memory extended pp force.

Known Bugs

Debug shake_offset/move_grid_back loss of power. This bug is fixed either by pushing offset to much larger values, or using extended_pp.
Poisson power spectrum has large scale oscillations
Why is pk.init .ne. ngpps_init.dat, even with np = nc?
= Meetings = 

Here are minutes from the meeting held on Jan. 8th 2014: Image:Jan8@9h30.jpg Image:Jan8@9h30_2.jpg Image:Jan8@9h30_3.jpg